Our Services

Our experience encompasses a broad spectrum of services geared toward individuals and business owners.


We specialize in:

  • Retirement rollovers from 401Ks   Deferred Pensions, Thrift Savings Plans, Profit-Sharing Plans, KEOGH Plans
  • IRA Transfers

For the Individual

  • Analysis of your current financial situation
  • Establishment of personal objectives
  • In-depth evaluation of opportunities available
  • Implementation of your plan, using an extensive portfolio of competitive financial products


For the Business Owner

  • In-depth analysis of your financial situation and current assets
  • Assessment of employee benefit programs; group health, life, dental, and long-term disability insurance; pensions and profit-sharing plans; deferred compensation for highly paid executives
  • Evaluation of business insurance programs, including buy-sell agreements, key-person employee insurance, and estate planning


We welcome the participation of your CPA, attorney, or other financial advisor in the successful coordination and implementation of your plan. At your request, we will be happy to refer you to a respected professional for specific legal or accounting advice.